Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Scrappy - UNT Mascot

The opening game of the 2007 Sooner schedule brings the Mean Green of North Texas and their mascot "Scrappy" to Norman.

Scrappy looks sort of intimidating. I mean compared to the wimpy old Horse Piggies. That snarl under his beak, looks like he actually may be mean.

Unfortunately for him the football team he represents hasn't been very successful when playing the Sooners. They are 0-6 in the series, with the closest game being in 2001 when the lost 37-10. Those games were played in the Pre-Horse Pig era though. So who knows how the 2007 Mean Greenies will fare when facing a team that is carrying the Horse Pig curse.

He somewhat resembles the Oregon Duck in this picture.
In reference to the University of North Texas, the school formerly known as North Texas State, I have heard either the school called either the "Eagles" or the "Mean Green". Interesting enough I found this tidbit about the names:

If' you're confused about how UNT can be the Mean Green and the Eagles at the same time, it's really a simple concept. One is a longtime mascot and the other is a favorite nickname that has been revived. Both are being used to describe UNT.

In 1922, North Texas students chose the eagle as the school mascot over the dragon and the lion. A costumed eagle named Scrappy began appearing at UNT games in the 1960s. Students voted to change Scrappy's name to Eppy in 1974, then voted in 1995 to change it back to Scrappy.

The Mean Green nickname originated in the 1960s to describe North Texas football's Joe Greene-led defense. This year, Athletic Director Rick Villarreal has revived the nickname as the primary moniker for UNT teams, including football and men's basketball. The eagle remains UNT's official mascot and some teams will continue to use Eagle or North Texas in their names. For example, the women's basketball team will continue to be known as the Lady Eagles.

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