Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Scrappy - UNT Mascot

The opening game of the 2007 Sooner schedule brings the Mean Green of North Texas and their mascot "Scrappy" to Norman.

Scrappy looks sort of intimidating. I mean compared to the wimpy old Horse Piggies. That snarl under his beak, looks like he actually may be mean.

Unfortunately for him the football team he represents hasn't been very successful when playing the Sooners. They are 0-6 in the series, with the closest game being in 2001 when the lost 37-10. Those games were played in the Pre-Horse Pig era though. So who knows how the 2007 Mean Greenies will fare when facing a team that is carrying the Horse Pig curse.

He somewhat resembles the Oregon Duck in this picture.
In reference to the University of North Texas, the school formerly known as North Texas State, I have heard either the school called either the "Eagles" or the "Mean Green". Interesting enough I found this tidbit about the names:

If' you're confused about how UNT can be the Mean Green and the Eagles at the same time, it's really a simple concept. One is a longtime mascot and the other is a favorite nickname that has been revived. Both are being used to describe UNT.

In 1922, North Texas students chose the eagle as the school mascot over the dragon and the lion. A costumed eagle named Scrappy began appearing at UNT games in the 1960s. Students voted to change Scrappy's name to Eppy in 1974, then voted in 1995 to change it back to Scrappy.

The Mean Green nickname originated in the 1960s to describe North Texas football's Joe Greene-led defense. This year, Athletic Director Rick Villarreal has revived the nickname as the primary moniker for UNT teams, including football and men's basketball. The eagle remains UNT's official mascot and some teams will continue to use Eagle or North Texas in their names. For example, the women's basketball team will continue to be known as the Lady Eagles.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Quest Rekindled

The events of the last few weeks have made me decide that the quest of eliminating these dregs of the University of Oklahoma society needs to be rekindled. Or restarted. These things are hideous.

I was vacationing in beautiful cool Ruidoso, NM when I happened to check my e-mail. Somebody out there had actually visited this blog and e-mailed me, even though I hadn't posted anything since the week of OSU game in 2005. What a revelation that e-mail was! I was little surprised that there are still some people out there that want to rid OU of these revolting creatures.

On the way back to Norman from Ruidoso, we stopped in Roswell, like a lot of tourists, to check out the all of the UFO museum and shops. There as a sign that said:

That made me think about Muldar and Scully of X-Files fame, who never would give up their quest against the evil conspiracy, despite all of their personal misery and ridicule. Which even led me to another thought about Paul Thompson and how despite all of his setbacks he became the quarterback and leader of a team that won a Big 12 Championship.

And just this week I happened across this post on the The Lost Ogle about the Top 100 Oklahoma Embarrassments. The horsepigs were only rated 88 out of 100? That's a little high, I think I would put them in the top 10. But the point is there are still others out there that think they are embarrassments too.

After all of experiencing all of this, I thought to myself, we shouldn't give up this quest for the eradication of these hideous horsepigs which have made joke of our men's sports programs. OK, we did when the Big 12 in football, but we did lose to a "Mid-Major" in the bowl game and our basketball, wrestling and baseball teams had less that spectacular seasons. I need to be more like Paul Thompson fighting against Rhett Bomar or Fox Muldar against the Cigarette-Smoking Man. Never give up the quest....

Which leads me to the question... David Boren, are you a Smoking Man?

So now that the "flame" has been re-ignited, let me get off a vent that I have been meaning to get off my chest for the last 7 months.

I haven't seen the videotape recently, but I would be willing to bet one of those horse-headed creatures was standing behind the end zone where the Boise State Broncos pulled their trickery in the Fiesta Bowl. Notice the similarity between a horsepig and the bronco:

Both look pretty gay (not that there is anything wrong with that) but I think that hideous ugly double whammy is what confused our defense in the overtime. I mean after you look at that crap for 60 minutes its bound to wear on you enough to let your guard down for things like halfback passes and Statue of Liberty plays.

Next post we will be looking forward to North Texas.