Sunday, October 30, 2005

Death to Horsepigs: Lincoln, NE - 10/29/2005


The Cornhusker State.

The home of the Other Big Red, the team formerly known as the Bugeaters and rest of the Children of the Corn.

If you haven't ever been to game there I would highly recommend it. After 18 years, it was nice to get finally a win in Lincoln. And fortunately I was able to be there to see it.

As my friend and I were walking to our seats before the game, I over heard one OU fan yelling at the field. "You are the reason we are losing so many games this year.. you sissy pony looking thing... or whatever you are!"

My buddy and I had to stop and tell the dude, that "sissy pony looking thing" was actually a "Horse Pig" and it must die. I had to mention this site.

I also noticed tonight there's a nice thread about the "horse pigs" on the OU Insider O'Connell's message board tonight that talks about some some guys from New Jersey who couldn't figure out what the Horse Pigs were. WHO CAN BLAME THEM!

Next up: Reveille and the Texas A&M Aggies.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Death to Horse Pigs: Comparison with this week's opponent, that F'ing Hillbilly Herbie Husker

Horse Pigs
Herbie Husker

First let me say I am definately not a Husker fan. I am not sure how you could be when your mascot looks a lot like "Hill" Billy Callahan. But I will say old Herbie doesn't look as effeminate as the little Horse Piggeys do. The Horse Pigs might be great on the sideline for OU women's soccer, but they sure don't look very intimidating for the football field.

"Hill" Billy Callahan

Monday, October 24, 2005

Death to Horse Pigs

The creatures you see above are the Horse Pigs, the new mascots of the Oklahoma Sooner football team. Since their arrival the Oklahoma Sooner football are a 4-3, compared to a 67-12 in the previous 6 years.

Even our dreaded cross-state-little-sister college newspaper has noted how lousy these creatures are. See the O'Collegian link to the right.