Friday, November 25, 2005

Death to Horse Pigs: Is Pistol Pete a liar and a fraud? Just ask NMSU.

Pistol Pete (left), that ornery looking cowboy like creature, is based upon a person named Frank Eaton (right). Frank Eaton was cowboy from the "old west'. His image is rather popular since the University of Wyoming and New Mexico State both adopted his image as their own.

Recently there has been a movement to replace Pistol Pete. The university has already modified their mascot removing his gun and replacing it with a lasso. Heck they even took out "Pistol" from his name... he's just now known as Pete.

Micheal Swickard, a NMSU fan and Western writer, says Frank Eaton's adventures and accomplishments seem open to be open debate. He says he was very skeptical when Pistol Pete was announced as the NSMU mascot at a NMSU basketball game several years ago. His uncle had never heard of Pistol Pete, so he asked Swickard, "So what about Pistol Pete, what's his story in the old west?"


Even though over the years I’ve written quite a bit about the Old West, I was blank. I answered, "I remember Pistol Pete Maravich, the basketball player, but I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of any Frank Eaton or Pistol Pete Eaton in the old west."

I was troubled. This was like being a historian of presidents when someone tells you that a man named Frank Eaton was the president of the United States at one time.

At home that night, (Don’t ask who won the game, the refs weren’t from Las Cruces either,) I looked for the name Eaton. Since he was supposed to be an Oklahoma gunfighter I started with the, Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters by O’Neal, University of Oklahoma Press.

But it went from Wyatt Earp to Joe Elliot, no Eaton. I checked for Pistol Pete, but the book went from Charley Pierce to Henry Plummer. During the next four hours I poured through my personal library of several hundred books and didn’t find even one reference to Eaton.

So I had to be content reading the sports information program which had a Pistol Pete history where Pete cleans up the old west and is a friend of Sheriff Pat Garrett:

At the age of seventeen, "Pistol Pete" had killed four of his father’s murderers in fair gunfights. A fifth murderer had been killed for cheating in a poker game. The last remaining gunman who had murdered his father was still at large. In 1881, he learned the sixth man, Wyley Campsey, was in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Upon arriving in Albuquerque, Frank Eaton met Pat Garrett, this was during the Lincoln County Wars, in New Mexico. The two men became friends, and Pat Garrett offered his support and guidance to "Pistol Pete." Frank found Wyley Campsey and shot him in a fair fight, though he was seriously wounded himself. Pistol Pete stayed in Lincoln County for some time while recuperating at the home of one of Pat Garrett’s friends. Later, he returned to his home in Oklahoma with a feeling that his father’s death had now been avenged. Eaton went on to become a cavalry scout, lawman and a writer. He was considered by some to be a folk hero in western lore.

I knew there were many things wrong with the press release version in the basketball program. First of all, the Lincoln County War happened three years earlier and wasn’t going on in the summer of 1881.

Second, with six victories in gunfights, Pistol Pete would be tied with John Selman (who killed John Wesley Hardin) for sixth place in the all time gunfighter statistics. But he is not mentioned in any western books about gunfighters. Finally, the mention of Pat Garrett was pretty fishy. As sheriff of Lincoln County from 1880 to 1882, Garrett spent 1881 until the middle of July busy with Billy the Kid 150 miles from Albuquerque, so it isn't likely he would go hang out in Albuquerque at that time. I had read many books on Garrett without any reference to Eaton.

Next Swickard says:

The next morning I went to the NMSU library. The basketball program had mentioned a book about Eaton. When I found the book the mystery cleared up. The book, Pistol Pete Veteran of the Old West, was written by none other than Frank Eaton himself and published in 1952. It was in the nonfiction section of the library but seemed misplaced.

Next I checked the writings of southwestern historian Ramon Adams who is very persnickety when reviewing the veracity and plausibility of stories in old west books. His knowledge of the old west is well documented and he is a well established authority. In his review of Eaton’s book Adams says, "...A preposterous tale... The book reads like Wild West fiction and is filled with doubtful statements." Adams quotes another reviewer of the Eaton book who stated, "Books like this one are a distinct menace to western history."

So it is reasonable to say the Eaton was a fraud. I was assailed by several questions

1. Why is the NMSU mascot an Oklahoma gunfighter, fraud or not?

2. Although Eaton was picturesque, he appeared to have fabricated all of the stories about himself, does his veracity reflect on NMSU and does anyone care?

Nice guy to pattern your mascot from... a dude who either made up stories or embellished them so much they weren't even plausible.... but what else can we expect from school who think of themselves as "Cowboys", when they are actually just a bunch of Aggies.

Regardless of all of this.... the Horse Pigs must die.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Death to Horse Pigs: West Texas High Plains Robbery

In what could be the worse case of officiating since the Colorado/Missouri 5th down game, 1984 OU/Texas game or the 1972 Olympic Basketball final... the Oklahoma Sooners were robbed of an apparent victory.

As one could see in this video, the ball carrier, Taurean Henderson, butt hits the turf before he reaches out and crosses the goal line. Therefore the game should have expired with score OU 21, Texas Tech 17.

And this happened after the officials gave a Texas Tech almost a yard on a fourth down spot that also gave the Red Raiders a first down.. when it should have given the Sooners the ball with less than a minute left in the game.

This Fort Worth Star-Telegram writer, summed it up well when he said "I have just watched the ending of the worst-officiated game in college football history".

I didn't hear this but I saw this quote referenced on the internet:

"If you stand on a tuna can in Lubbock, Texas, you can see for 250 miles. If you stand on the goal line, apparently you can't see anything!" - SportsCenter 11/19/05

Perhaps the officials were blinded by that dude in that hideous horse pig costume.

That had to be it...

Coming up next: The fraud known as Pistol Pete.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Death to Horse Pigs: Comparison with this week's opponent, Raider Red

This weekend the Sooners take their road show to Lubbock, Texas, which is the home of the Texas Red Raiders and their mascot Raider Red (left).

Raider Red looks very similar to the old Looney Tunes character Yosemite Sam (above). I think its rather ironic that when Raider Red is interviewed, he says his favorite cartoon character as kid was Yosemite Sam. I guess imitation is the highest form of flattery. I wonder if Raider Red starts yelling something about "varmints", everytime the opposing team scores a touchdown.

Texas Tech is also home of the infamous Bell Ringer (see Video).
Who is a freshman who while "pumping" himself up also tries to pump up the Red Raider football team and their fans.

Also they have a Zorro looking type of mascot called The Masked Rider.

This dude looks like he's either a take off of Oklahoma State's Spirit Rider or the Spirit Rider is take off him. Both like they made going some sort of Village People type masquerade party.

Other than Bellringer, they all look far more intimating and less gay than those hideous, hated and dreaded Horse Pigs!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Death to Horse Pigs: OU basketball exhibition game incident

Some posters related that Boomer and/or Sooner (whichever mulletted horse pig looking creature that did the OU/Pembroke BB game last night)... ignored her daughter and some other kids last night at the game.

It almost sounds like these unsightly create, who alledgely were "created for children and trips to hospitals", are actually just a bunch womenizers who are using their new found celebrity to meet women.

Quoting tulsasoonergirl: "My daughter and I were at the concessions and we went up to say hi to the mullet horse pig thing and he grabbed his knee and acted like he was hurt so we walked off, and then I turned around and this blonde hottie came up to him and he jumped off the little golf cart and took a picture with her! ugly little Bast*rd".

Also quoting ultimatesooner: "I saw one of them being mean to a little kid that was trying to get the mullet pigs attention at the basketball game. Replacing top dawg w/ these guys was about as smart as replacing bob stoops w/ john blake".

Death to Horse Pigs!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Death to Horse Pigs: Comparison with this weekend's opponent, Reveille

The Texas A&M Aggies come to town Saturday. And along with them come the Yell Leaders , the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band, the Senior Cadets and those knee high boots, the Gig 'Em hand sign... and their mascot Reveille.

I got to hand it the Aggies. As far as I know they don't have anybody dressed up in some sissified suit parading around doing backflips. They have a real live dog as there mascot.. a collie named Reveille.

The Aggies treat Reveille like a queen. Quoting the A&M website: "Reveille is the most revered dog on campus. Company E-2 has the privilege of taking care of Reveille. If she is sleeping on a cadet's bed, that cadet must sleep on the floor. Cadets address Reveille as "Miss Rev, ma'am." If she is in class and barks while the professor is teaching, the class is to be immediately dismissed."

They also bury all of the deceased Reveille's outside of Kyle field and have erected scoreboards next to the dog's graves.. so the dead dogs can keep track of the game. Right.

I got an idea.. How about building a grave for the suits that the Horse Pigs wear?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Death to Horse Pigs: Bring back Top Dawg !

Some friends and I went the OU exhibition basketball game againt Northeastearn State Saturday night. The first thing I saw as I entered the LNC was that wimpy looking horse pig creature.. I am not sure if the horse pig present was Boomer or Sooner, but it sort of looked like the creature below. Hardly awe inspiring.

I wondered what wrong with the old Top Daug mascot?

I don't know.. perhaps Top Dawg was a little too masculine.
Or perhaps the same people who complained about the visitor's locker rooms at Iowa being painted pink intervened in some mannter. We will probably never know.

RIP, Top Dawg. You will be missed.

Tomorrow.. a comparison between the Horse Pigs and A&M's Reveille.