Sunday, November 13, 2005

Death to Horse Pigs: OU basketball exhibition game incident

Some posters related that Boomer and/or Sooner (whichever mulletted horse pig looking creature that did the OU/Pembroke BB game last night)... ignored her daughter and some other kids last night at the game.

It almost sounds like these unsightly create, who alledgely were "created for children and trips to hospitals", are actually just a bunch womenizers who are using their new found celebrity to meet women.

Quoting tulsasoonergirl: "My daughter and I were at the concessions and we went up to say hi to the mullet horse pig thing and he grabbed his knee and acted like he was hurt so we walked off, and then I turned around and this blonde hottie came up to him and he jumped off the little golf cart and took a picture with her! ugly little Bast*rd".

Also quoting ultimatesooner: "I saw one of them being mean to a little kid that was trying to get the mullet pigs attention at the basketball game. Replacing top dawg w/ these guys was about as smart as replacing bob stoops w/ john blake".

Death to Horse Pigs!!

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